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Seasonal Spirits

Olde York Farm uses the best seasonal ingredients of the Hudson Valley to make limited release spirits.

Available now:

Buddha’s Hand Citron Vodka

Pumpkin Spice Vodka

Black Walnut Bourbon

Ramp Vodka

Smoked Maple Bourbon

Cacao Maple Vodka

Lilac Liqueur

Peony Liqueur

Black Currant Liqueur

Apple Brandy

Diamond Street Vodka


Black Walnut Bourbon (spring) AVAILABLE $42/$69

Bourbon aged in our own American White Oak barrels and finished in a second barrel that was used to store  black walnut syrup tapped from trees at the distillery and surrounding groves. Smooth, nutty, and slightly sweet. Makes a great fireside sipper, poured over a large ice cube. 


Lilac Liqueur (Spring) AVAILABLE $34

A vodka based liqueur flavored with real lilac flowers grown around the distillery. The scent of late Spring, deeply floral flavor, and notes of rock candy. Perfect porch swing drink- Splash into prosecco. 

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Ramp Vodka (Spring) AVAILABLE $30

An infusion of one of the most revered culinary ingredients of the Hudson Valley. Foraged in the early spring and infused into our crystal clean vodka.  Intense onion flavor with a slightly sweet grassy finish. Hello, Sunday morning Bloody Mary. 


Rhubarb & Honey Vodka (Summer) $30

Inspired by our family from the Rhubarb Triangle in Yorkshire England. A sour and sweet 80 proof vodka flavored with Rhubarb grown at Samascott Orchards in Kinderhook, NY and Ray Tousey raw honey. Mix as a Moscow Mule and serve in a large copper mug. 


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Rose Liqueur (Summer) $34

The roses for this liqueur have been passed down and grown by generations of women in our family and are used to give this liqueur it's intoxicating scent, taste, and pink color. In tradition with Italian Rosolio (which translates to "dew of the sun") we pick the flowers during the hottest days of summer and pluck each petal from the rose to infuse flavor into this spirit. This beverage is traditionally served as a symbol of good luck at weddings and other important life events. It makes for a very special champagne toast with strong notes of romance and dewy pink petals. 

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Thai Basil Liqueur (Summer) aVAILABLE $34

Thai Basil grown in the heart of the Hudson Valley at Hermaance Farms and Ironwood Farm gives this liqueur a burst of herbaceous licorice flavor with peppery notes.  This liqueur can be drank alone as a digestif, but makes for a unique mixer. The Thai Basil with a slice of cucumber brings freshness to bourbon making for the perfect summer tippler. 





Smoked Maple bourbon (Year-Round) Available $35

Organic maple syrup from Maple Leaf Sugaring in Ghent, NY is smoked with the oak from aging our Apple Brandy. This is a slightly sweeter bourbon with round, smooth flavors and a light hint of smoke. Perfect snow day companion, snuggled under the covers, and sitting in front of a wood burning stove. 


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Cacao Maple Vodka (year-Round) Available $30/$50

Organic wheat vodka steeped with 100% organic Peruvian cacao nibs and sweetened with a touch of local organic maple syrup. Despite tasting like a decadent chocolate truffle, this vodka is still 80 proof. Drink with a dollop of ice cream or a drop of grenadine. Mix with fresh berries or espresso. Simple fixings make for an extravagant after dinner drink. 

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Nasturtium Liqueur (Summer)

A peppery and sweet liqueur made with nasturtium flowers grown at Letterbox Farm in Hudson, NY. Add to a gin & tonic for a floral twist or simply enjoy with sparkling water and ice. Don't forget to throw this bottle in your beach bag for a prosecco aperitif. 


Raspberry & Black pepper Liqueur (Summer) 

A complex and deep red aperitif made with raspberries from Montgomery Place Orchards in Red Hook, NY. Nostaglic sips evoke memories of sticky dark red fingers, filled cheeks, and views of plush sunny pastures. Freshly cracked black pepper excites mature taste buds and elevates the black raspberry flavor. Simply enjoy with ice and bubbles or stir into a crisp, dry NY cider to welcome fall. 


Mulled Peach Whiskey.JPG


A true whiskey with hints of real Hudson Valley peaches from Montgomery Place Orchards, raw Ray Tousey honey, and autumnal spices. Perfect for cold weather parties- served warm as a Hot Toddy or with fresh apple cider.   



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Inspired by traditional Italian fennel amaro from the Amalfi Coast. Roman Gladiators drank Finocchietto because they believed that it was a source of strength. Our amaro is made with wild bronze fennel grown in Copake, NY at FarmOn! Foundation. Makes for a great digestivo served with a sliver of lemon peel. It also pairs well with blood orange or pink grapefruit in cocktails. 

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Apple brandy (Fall) AVAILABLE $35

Fresh apple juice from Smascott and Goolds Orchards are fermented with champagne yeast, distilled, and then aged on French Oak. This seductive brandy has notes of caramel apple and vanilla bean. Our Apple Brandy is gluten free and makes for a great Old Fashioned with fruity bitters. Apple Brandy is found in many speakeasy style, pre-prohibition cocktails. 



Black Walnuts are foraged from around the distillery to make a decedent liqueur with a nutty flavor like no other. The black walnuts are fruity, floral, and astringent. Drink on the rocks, spike Holiday nog, and replace other nut liqueurs (such as Frangelico) in any cocktail recipes. 



Buddha's Hand is infused into our vodka to add a burst of citrus flavor. This citron vodka adds balance to cocktails with its bitter notes. Mix with hard cider to add a serious POP! 

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Diamond Street Vodka (Year-Round) AVAILABLE $30

An extremely clean organic Wheat Vodka. Smooth enough for sipping and neutral enough to be the base for an amazing cocktail. 



Foraged violets give this special seasonal liqueur all of its color and flavor. The Wild Violet Liqueur has notes of rock candy and fresh picked flowers. Add an ounce to the bottom of your champagne flute. 


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PEOny Liqueur (Late Spring) aVAILABLE $34

We select organically grown Hudson Valley peonies and use the intensely aromatic petals to make this color-changing liqueur. Mix with soda and lemon to make a ballet slipper pink spiked lemonade. Sweeten sangria made with summer berries and dry white wine. 


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Pumpkin Spice Vodka (Fall) AVAILABLE $30

Organic vodka steeped with local pumpkins, organic spices, organic Madagascar vanilla bean, and local organic maple syrup. Simply drink on ice or mix with espresso to make a spiked pumpkin spice latte.


Black Currant Liqueur (Winter) AVAILABLE $34

New York grown black currants are used to make this tart, complex, bright, and otherworldly liqueur. Black currants contain the darkest pigmentation found in nature and were outlawed for 100 years in America. Although, rarely seen in American cuisine, currants are prominent in British treats. Such as grandpa Jack’s favorite, Eccles Cakes!